Since 2007, the New York City Department of Transportation has implemented innovative design improvements that have reduced motor vehicle crashes at many of the intersections in these top ten lists. To completely eliminate crashes, other city agencies like the NYPD must also make pedestrian and bicyclist safety a priority. Four thousand deaths and serious injuries in traffic every year is not an acceptable result of the moving traffic on the streets of the greatest city in the world.

With more enforcement, more automated safety cameras and improved street designs, we can change reckless and careless driving behaviors and save lives.

Top Ten Intersections by Crash Type and Borough

Citywide, more pedestrians are seriously injured in Manhattan than in any other borough. Eight out of ten of the intersections where pedestrians are mostly likely to be hit by a car are also in Manhattan. The deadliest intersection in the city, by far though, is at Eastern Parkway and Utica Avenue in Brooklyn, which has seen three times the number of fatal crashes as the next most fatal intersection, 8th Avenue and 42nd Street. Since 2009, 8th Avenue and 42nd Street has been redesigned as part of Times Square's pedestrian plaza.

Ten out of ten of the highest crash intersections for bicyclists are in Manhattan. Contrary to popular belief, researchers find that when the number of bicyclists on the road goes up, the raw number of bicyclists hit by cars actually goes down: there is safety in numbers.

Download the Top Ten Intersections for Pedestrians and Bicyclists Citywide

Download the Top Ten Intersections for Pedestrians and Bicyclists by Borough

Top Ten Crash Intersections for Children and Seniors

Crash data from 1995 to 2009 shows that intersections dangerous to seniors and children are very different from those dangerous to the rest of the public. While eight out of ten of the most dangerous intersections overall are in Manhattan, only two of those most dangerous to children are in Manhattan. Eastern Parkway at Utica Avenue in Brooklyn has recorded the most serious traffic crashes involving children, followed by New York Avenue at Foster and Lexington Avenue at East 125th Street. The top three most dangerous intersections for seniors are along wide avenues in Manhattan, while Roosevelt Avenue at Main Street and Union Street at Northern Boulevard in Queens complete the top five.

Download the Top Ten Intersections Crashes with Children and Seniors PDF
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